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XtraHRD Natural Male Enhancement Recalled – Spiked

The company behind the XtraHRD Natural Male Enhancement product has announce a recall covering all production lot numbers of the pills.

The company, Organic Herbal Supply, said in its press release that the recall was prompted by FDA tests on the product. Those tests found the pharmaceutical drug Tadalafil in the capsules. It was not made public what, if anything, made the US Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, test ExtraHRD in the first place.

Tadalafil is, as you probably already know, marketed in this country under the brand name Cialis. Like similar PDE5 inhibitors it is not appropriate for all men. In rare cases, it can cause headache, digestive issues and muscle and back pain. Since 2007 Tadalafil (and similar drugs) has carried warnings about the potential for sudden hearing loss. When mixed with certain other drugs it can cause a sudden, unexpected and sometimes life-threatening drop in blood pressure.

Of course, XtraHRD is marketed as an “all natural” dietary supplement and doesn’t mention the drug adulteration anywhere on its label.

Neither Organic Herbal Supply nor the FDA has logged any reports of anyone actually suffering any adverse effects from the spiked product. However, the worry here is the same as it is for all illegally spiked ED remedies–that men who know they shouldn’t take drugs like Cialis might turn to XtraHard, believing it to be a safer natural alternative.

If you have any of this on hand you are, as always, urged not to use it. You can return it directly to the company for a refund. The company’s telephone number is 855-429-7328. It is staffed between the hours of 10 a.m. and 5 p.m., PST.


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