Black Ant, Clalis, Max Man Recalled For Illegal Spiking

The company behind the “male enhancement” products Evil Root, Gold Vigra, Clalis, Tiger King and dozens more has issued a recall covering all lot numbers of all products distributed in the past 3 years.

Company spokesperson Henry Choo did not provide any photos we can share with you but said in the press release about the recall that 29 products were covered here. The company, however, only publically named 21. Those products are:

  • Black Ant (4600 mg)
  • Indian God Lotion
  • Evil Root (1200 mg)
  • Germany Black Gold (2800 mg)
  • Germany Niubian (3000 mg)
  • Hard Ten Days (4500 mg)
  • Lang Yi Hao (Chaonogsuopian) (500 mg)
  • Gold Vigra
  • Clalis
  • Ye Lang Shen (5000 mg)
  • Zhansheng Weige Chaoyue Xilishi (2000 mg)
  • Zhonghua Niubian (2000 mg)
  • Stree Overlord (3800 mg)
  • Max Man (3000 mg)
  • Hu Hu Sheng Wei
  • Tiger King
  • Viagra 100 (2000 mg)
  • Power V8 Viagra (200 mg)
  • Dadiyongshi Xiangganglongshengwu
  • Lien Chan for Seven Days
  • Maca Gold (6800 mg)

And if some of those product names look odd to you, it’s because they are. Those aren’t our typos, folks. A&H Focal really was selling products name “Vigra” and “Clalis”.

And, yes, products with many of these same names have been the targets of recalls in the past, too.

The spiking is not just one drug, either. Though the company did not say what, if anything, prompted the FDA to test the products, Choo did admit that several different pharmaceuticals were found, including the active ingredients in Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.

If you have any of these products on hand, you are, of course, urged to responsibly discard them immediately. These products are considered “tainted”for every man but could pose an even greater danger to men who know they shouldn’t take pharmaceutical drugs for erectile dysfunction and turn to these, believing them to be more “natural” alternatives.

All production codes are affected.

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