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Music Reduces Burn Patients’ Pain, Anxiety and Heart Rate

Music reduces pain and lowers anxiety and heartrate in burn patients, says Chinese study.

Chinese researchers say that music can reduce burn patients’ pain and lower anxiety levels.

Researchers with Third Medical University in Chongqing, China, say that their review of 17 previous studies on the use of music in the treatment of burn patients finds that interventions that employ music can help alleviate pain, lower a patient’s anxiety and reduce heart rate.

Severe burns are, of course, incredibly traumatic to the body and exceedingly painful for the patient. But past studies on music therapies have generally found that music during treatment and therapy sessions can lower patients’ anxiety, which, these researchers say, has a positive effect on patients’ perception of pain. And though not all studies have been completely positive, some have also linked music therapy to better patient cooperation during painful treatments like debridement.

This review looked at a collection of 17 studies that covered just over 800 burn patients and how they responded to music therapy during procedures like dressing changes, debridement, range of motion rehabilitation, cold therapy and even daily nursing care.


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