LaBri’s Body Health Atomic Recall – Banned Diet Drug Found, 1 Sickened

Body Health Atomic has been recalled after a banned and potentially deadly drug was found in it.

Photo of admittedly tainted LaBri’s Body Health Atomic supplied by the company.

The company Envy Me is recalling all of its LaBri’s Body Health Atomic diet pill product after tests conducted by the US Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, found the now-banned drug sibutramine in it.

In the press release about the Body Health Atomic recall company spokesperson Naomi Villarreal claimed that Envy Me had not received any reports of any consumer being sickened or injured by the tainted supplement. The FDA, however, says that it logged at least one report of what it will only characterize as “an adverse event” back in June.

Nothing is known about the apparent patient’s condition. Nor is it known why it took 9 months to recall an admittedly adulterated diet pill.

LaBri's tainted diet pill, Body Health Atomic, is recalled after a banned drug was found in it.

Screengrab of recalled LaBri’s Body Health Atomic Facebook page taken 03-30-2017.

All production codes–including all lot codes and expiration dates–are covered by this recall.

The product’s Facebook page has not been updated in nearly a year but an old posting about Body Health Atomic claims that the product will help both men and women “lose 15-20 pounds in just one month”. It also claims that the supplement is made of “all natural ingredients” but does not list those ingredients.

Nowhere on its label does the supplement list sibutramine.

The company says that affected consumers can return any unused portion for a refund or exchange. But given that its entire inventory of Body Health Atomic has been pulled from shelves, it is unclear what further exchange would be offered.

The FDA, of course, urges anyone who has taken the supplement and experienced any type of adverse event to report it to the agency.

Sibutramine was once available under names like:

  • Meridia
  • Reductil
  • Sibutrex
  • Siredia

In recent years, the European Medicine Agency, the UK’s MHRA,  Health Canada and the FDA have all issued statements warning against potentially fatal side effects. Today sibutramine is one of the most-often found illegal drugs in “natural” and “herbal” weight loss supplements, where its presence is never disclosed on the labeling.


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