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Organic Herbal Supply Recalls 12 Spiked Sexual Enhancement Products

Organic Herbal Supply has announced a recall of a dozen supplements that were found to contain an ingredient that is most definitely not organic–and which certainly doesn’t deserve to be called herbal.

In its press release, the company disclosed that tests run by the US Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, found tadalafil in 10 products and flibanserin in the other 2. There have been no reports of anyone being injured by the tainted supplements, which are all used for sexual “enhancement”. Nor was there any explanation of why the FDA specifically targeted Organic Herbal for testing in the first place.

Of course, neither the tadafil nor the flibanserin was declared on any product’s packaging.

Recalled Male “Enhancement” Supplements

  • UP ROAR with UPC #680474229260
  • CUMMOR with UPC #680474229116
  • ZRECT with UPC #852675999451
  • MONKEY BUSINESS with UPC #688295456179
  • Xrect with UPC #680474015795
  • RECTALIS with UPC #680474228782
  • TORNADO with UPC #680474228959
  • Z DAILY with UPC #680474229086
  • BIGNHARD with UPC #680474229086
  • ENHANCEROL with UPC #680474229086

Recalled Female “Enhancement” Supplements

  • ZRECT For Women with UPC #680474229055
  • LabidaMAX with UPC #680474228904

As is always the case with recalls of “herbal” supplements spiked with pharmaceuticals for sexual dysfunction, the primary fear is that people who know they should not be taking prescription drugs like Cialis or Addyi will turn to products like these, believing them to be safer, more natural options.

Why Undisclosed Tadalafil Is Dangerous

Tadalafil can cause numerous side effects but is especially dangerous to men who also use medications like nitrates. They can experience a sudden and sometimes life-threatening loss of blood pressure.

Why Undisclosed Flibanserin Is Dangerous

Flibanserin is also associated with numerous side effects but the drug can be especially dangerous if a woman takes it and uses alcohol as well As little as a couple of glasses of wine can be enough to cause a woman’s blood pressure to plummet to a life-threatening level.

What To Do With Your Recalled Uproar, Cummor, Zrect, Monkey Business, Xrect, Rectalis, Tornado, Zdaily, BigNHard, Enhancerol, Zrect for Women and LabidaMAX

Of course, if you still have any of the recalled products on hand you’re urged not to use them anymore. Return them to the company for a refund.

The company did not say how many units of any of these products were distributed but did say that the products were still being shipped out as late as February.