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Naturopath Ronald Waling Suspended

Naturopath Ronald Waling has had his license suspended by the State of Washington over, in part, prescriptions Waling wrote as far back as 2012. In the official Statement of Charges investigators allege that he wrote prescriptions for 5 patients over the next few years, allowing them sedatives that were outside his scope to prescribe.

Ron Waling was once accused of precribing medications he was not allowed to prescribe.
The formal Statement of Charges against naturopath Ron Waling in which he was accused of improperly prescribing drugs like Ambien and Sonata for himself and others.

He is also accused of writing and filling a prescription for himself. The nature of that medication was not revealed.

Waling was also once accused of engaging in a consensual sexual relationship with a patient. The patient’s spouse filed a complaint against Waling, at which time Waling allegedly encouraged the patient to, as the Statement of Charges puts it, “adamantly deny and never admit to anyone that they had been intimate”. The relationship reportedly lasted from at least late 2010 to around March 2012.

Under Washington law, sexual misconduct is defined, in part, as:

  • Sexual intercourse
  • Touching a patient’s breasts, genitals or anus outside the scope of medical practice
  • Kissing
  • Fondling or hugging in a romantic or sexual manner

Sexual misconduct can also mean something as simple as denying a patient privacy while he or she is dressing and undressing or failure to provide draping during procedures.

Under an Agreed Order dated April 03, 2017 Waling will complete an ethics program for doctors and, after successfully petitioning for reinstatement of his naturopathic physicians license, complete the ProBE Plus: Ethics and Boundaries program.

Ronald Waling was granted his naturopathic physicians license in 1983.


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