Chiropractor Derek Hayden Accused Of Unprofessional Conduct – Teenage Patient

The official Statement Of Charges accusing chiropractor Derek Hayden of sexual misconduct with a teenaged former patient.

Statement Of Charges against Washington chiropractor Derek Hayden.

Officials with Washington’s Chiropractic Commission say they have charged chiropractor Derek Hayden with unprofessional conduct after discovering that he had engaged in a sexual relationship with a teenager who was once a patient.

In the official Statement of Charges against Hayden it was disclosed that he had first treated the child back in 2006 when she was 9 years old and apparently continued to see the patient until 2014. Hayden’s records do not indicate who terminated the patient/provider relationship or why.

Several days after the “official” end of the patient/provider relationship Hayden reportedly offered to take the girl, who by then was 16, into his home and raise her alongside his children.

That arrangement lasted for about a year; several weeks later it was revealed that Hayden was in a sexual relationship with the teenager and had given her access to one of his bank accounts.

Based on those allegations, the Commission has charged Hayden with unprofessional conduct. He is accused of keeping shoddy records on the patient and, of course, sexual misconduct. Chiropractors in Washington are not allowed to engage in sexual relationships with current patients at all and are only allowed to do so with former patients if the relationship does not compromise the chiropractor-patient relationship.

The Commission currently lists Hayden’s chiropractic license as “active” and its enforcement as “pending”. Hayden, who has been licensed in Washington since 2003,  has 20 days to respond to the allegations.


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