Tri-Ton Recalled – Steroid-Like Ingredients

The company behind the bodybuilding supplement Tri-Ton, Dynamic Technical Formulations, has announced that it is voluntarily recalling every single existing lot of the supplement.

Tri-Ton, the company explained in a press release, is made with 2 anabolic steroid-like compounds. Selective androgen receptor modulators, or SARMs, are controversial drugs that are currently not allowed for sale in over-the-counter supplements like Tri-Ton.

The company did not say if the steroid-like ingredients were disclosed on the supplement’s label but did disclose that the presence of the drugs were confirmed by tests performed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, or FDA.

It is not known what, if anything, put Tri-Ton on the FDA’s radar for testing. DT Formulations says that it has received no reports of any customer being injured by the supplement.

The FDA considers this type of steroid-like drug to be dangerous. In people of all ages and genders, there is a risk of liver damage. In men, there is an additional risk of testicular shrinkage, breast enlargement and infertility; in women, masculinization can occur.

This recall covers all production codes of Tri-Ton. The supplement was sold in 90-count bottles from June 2016 to around March 2017. It was available nationwide.

If you have any of it left you should stop using it right away, says the company. Simply throw out the remaining supply or return it to your place of purchase for a refund. And if you would like more information you can contact Tri-Ton’s manufacturer directly at 800-331-6723 during regular business hours.

The company that makes Tri-Ton did not provide photos we could pass along to you.


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