Chiropractor Perrin Guyton Charged With Unprofessional Conduct

Washington Department of Health recently announced that chiropractor Perrin Guyton, who has been licensed in that state since 2000, is charged with unprofessional conduct after 3 women allege that he touched them inappropriately and/or sexually propositioned them.

For about a year and a half, Patient A was both a patient and an employee of Guyton’s. During a 2014 conference, she alleges, Guyton allegedly “grabbed and hugged” her in her hotel room.

She also claims that he touched both of her buttocks during chiropractic adjustments.

Patient B was also both an employee and a patient. She alleges that while they were in Las Vegas for a conference Guyton asked her to “cuddle” and spend the night in his room. She also alleges that on numerous occasions he enquired about the color of her panties and repeatedly invited her into his home to engage in “sexual activities” with Guyton and/or his wife.

The woman known as Patient C was, again, both a patient and an employee. Shortly after she began working for him, Guyton, she alleges, referred to himself as “a big hunk of man meat”. Days later, she claims, Guyton suggested that they shop together at a lingerie store.

Under WAC 246-808-590 ii is forbidden for any chiropractor to engage in “sexually harassing” or demeaning behavior with any patient, past or present.

As far as I can tell Guyton has not responded publicly to the allegations. He has the right to defend himself to the Chiropractic Commission and his license retains its ACTIVE status.


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