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Ultra-Sten, D-Zine Recalled – Anabolic Steroids Found

The distributor of the body-building supplements Ultra-Sten and D-Zine has announced a recall of its entire inventory of both products due to the presence of anabolic steroid derivatives.

The company, Hardcore Formulations, says that it has not received any reports of anyone using the supplements and becoming sick. The company’s press release announcing the recall did not give any indication why the product is suddenly being pulled from the market, however I can tell you that Hardcore Formulations was officially warned by the US Food and Drug Administration in June after agency officials got their hands on the products’ labels, which clearly noted the synthetic steroids’ presence.

All production runs of both products are covered in this recall. They were available, Hardcore Formulations says, nationwide and in 90-count bottles with these UPCs:

  • 7-48252-68763-0 (Ultra-Sten)
  • 7-48252-86193-1 (D-Zine)

The company did not send along photos I could share with you. If you would like more information you can contact Hardcore Formulations directly by calling 1-855-773-6826 during regular business hours, Central Standard Time.

And, of course, if you’ve taken either supplement and think you’ve suffered an adverse event you should speak to your physician.

There is no recall notice that I can find on the company’s website; the social media links go not to HF’s social media accounts but to those of the company’s website provider. (I did eventually find the company’s official Facebook page but it also made no mention of the recall that I could see.)


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