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Fluffy Unicorn Found In Quebec’s Shop Santé Laval

Officials with Health Canada say they have raided Shop Santé Laval in Quebec and seized its inventory of the “supplement” known as Fluffy Unicorn. The product, which is typically hawked as a workout aid, is deemed an unauthorized product under Canadian law.

And it’s dangerous, say health officials. Not only does it contain the stimulant compound synephrine, which is not disclosed on the label, it also delivers more caffeine than the label admits. Those two ingredients, working together, pose what Health Canada characterizes as “serious health risks” to anyone who uses the product.

The agency did not disclose the exact amounts of caffeine and synephrine found.

Whether the store’s owners or staff knew the store was offering an unauthorized and potentially harmful supplement is not known. The store’s social media pages and website seem to make no mention of the action.

Synephrine and caffeine can be a deadly combination, say doctors. Side effects can include dizziness, tremors and headache or even life-threatening events like seizure, heart attack and stroke. Health Canada advises anyone who has any Fluffy Unicorn to stop using it. If you took the supplement for any reason and believe you’ve suffered an illness or injury as a result you are advised to see your doctor.

Health Canada says that it is on the lookout for other retailers and distributors offering Fluffy Unicorn on Canadian soil.

Back label for Fluffy Unicorn workout supplement.

Fluffy Unicorn’s ingredient panel makes no mention of the unallowed ingredient synephrine.

Fluffy Unicorn’s back label carries an FDA disclaimer but would, in my opinion, probably not be allowed for sale here in the US, either. Synephrine is not formally recognized as safe or effective in amounts exceeding what would be found naturally occurring in herbal ingredients like dried bitter orange.

Companies caught using synephrine have been formally warned in the past.


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