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Another LaBri’s Body Health Recall

Another distributor of LaBri’s Body Health “supplements” has announced a recall. Why EZ Weight Loss TX didn’t recall back in March when Envy Me recalled its inventory is not known but EZ Weight Loss TX announced Monday that all packages of LaBri’s Body Health Atomic and LaBri’s Body Health Xplode are being pulled from the market.

Just as before, the products are being recalled because FDA tests have found the potentially deadly weight loss drug sibutramine in them. Sibutramine was the active ingredient in prescription weight loss drugs like Reductil and Meridia. It was pulled from the market here in the US back in 2010 after it was implicated in heart attacks and strokes suffered by users. Canada, Australia, the UK, and nations in the European Union were among the dozens of countries that ultimately issued warning bout the drug.

EZ Weight Loss TX says that it has not received any reports of any user being injured or sickened by either product. In the press release announcing the recall, the company offered no explanations of how it came to offer tainted supplements.

The entire production runs of both supplements are being recalled, regardless of UPC or production codes. If you think you have any Atomic or Xplode on hand you are, of course, urged not to take it. Instead, contact EZ Weight Loss TX by email ( or by telephone to arrange a refund. EZ Weight Loss’ phone number is 361-334-1977.

The company did not provide its website URL but it is, in fact, where the company offers a variety of “all natural” supplements (including other LaBri’s products) with names like Super Colon 1800 and Extreme Muscle Maker. The supplements are hyped with tag lines like:

  • #1 Doctor Recommended Formula
  • Per Dr Oz TV Show
  • 100% Pure Natural Weight Loss
  • The Holy Grail
  • Guaranteed 100% Authentic

The company does not appear to have any notice of the recall on its website.

La Bri's Body Health Atomic is tainted with sibutramine.

Adulterated LaBri’s Body Health Atomic is recalled by EZ Weight Loss TX, months after it was recalled by another company.


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