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Super Panther 7K Recalled – Drugs Found

The discovery of 2 pharmaceutical drugs hidden in the “all natural” supplementĀ Super Panther 7K has forced a recall, effective nationwide.

In the official press release about the recall, the product’s distributor, Ultra Shop Supplement, admits that the recall was prompted by tests performed by the US Food and Drug Administration, or FDA. Ultra Shop Supplement did not, however disclose what, if anything put Super Panther 7K on the agency’s radar in the first place.

Though the company claims that it has never received any report of a user being injured or sickened by the product, the fear with Super Panther 7K is the same as it always is with phony “natural” male enhancement products–that men who know they should not be taking prescription ED medications like Viagra and Cialis, might take these instead, believing them to be safe, natural alternatives.

The illegally spiked Super Panther 7 is, of course, neither “all natural” nor safe for those men. Guys taking certain prescription medications could experience, among other things, a sudden and life-threatening drop in blood pressure.

Covered in this recall are 3 package types of Super Panther 7:

  • 6-count bottles with UPC 6 01577 51320 9 and lot number RO246852
  • 1-count blister card with UPC 6 015577 51324 7 (no lot number given)
  • 30-count card with UPC 015577 51324 7 and lot number RO846356

The product was sold nationwide and was also widely available through the internet. Ultra Shop says that it has already notified all known customers of the recall and encourages anyone with any of this on hand to stop using it immediately.

As always, any man who took any product like this and suffered any adverse effect is urged to seek medical attention and then report the incident through the FDA’s Medwatch program.

Bogus male enhancement supplement Super Panther 7 is pulled from the market after Viagra and Cialis are found in it.

Company-provided image of recalled Super Panther 7 in 6-count bottle.


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