David Nazario Accused Of Sexual Misconduct With Client

Licensed massage therapist David Nazario has been temporarily stripped of his professional credentials after Florida Department of Health investigated an allegation that he “willfully abused” his position to “sexually violate” a massage client.

Under Florida law, it is illegal for a massage therapist to undrape the breasts, genitals and/or buttocks of any client without the client’s permission: Nazario is accused of exposing the client’s breasts.

It is also illegal to engage in any sexual activity or to attempt to engage a client in sexual activity. Nazario is accused of putting his hand beneath the client’s underwear, making direct contact with her genitals.

According to Department of Health records, David Nazario has been a licensed massage in the state of Florida for less than two years. TheĀ Order of Emergency Restriction of License was filed on July 17, 2017.

Nazario has the right to appeal the suspension; it is unknown whether he has done so. It is also unknown if he will be investigated criminally.


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