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Garden Of Life Recalls Baby Probiotic

Less than three weeks after launching its Baby Organic Liquid supplement for infants, Garden of Life is recalling the probiotic to fix bad dosage instructions. There is nothing actually wrong with the product, the company said in its press release about the recall, but some parents may be using Baby Organic Liquid incorrectly, creating a potential choking hazard.

The problem is that the supplement is too thick to be safely swallowed if it is simply placed into an infant’s mouth. Parents are supposed to “dispense liquid slowly into the mouth, toward the inner cheek” or mix it with breastmilk or formula but after a consumer complaint, the company made the decision to rework those instructions. Future dosage guidelines will instruct parents to only mix the supplement with liquids.

There has been no word from either Garden of Life or the US Food and Drug Administration on exactly what happened with the baby who apparently had trouble swallowing the supplement but the company did stress that there have been no other reports of this happening. The baby was not hospitalized.

If you have any Baby Organic Liquid on hand you should return it to your place of purchase where you will be given a refund.  All lot codes and expiration dates are affected by this recall.

The company has posted notice of the recall to its social media accounts.


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