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Tainted Vegetable Vigra Recalled

A company called Natures Supplement, and run by Ariolys Miranda, has issued a recall that appears to cover its entire production run of a “male enhancement” supplement sold under the brand name Vegetable Vigra.

The company, which is apparently based in Lake Worth, Florida, issued the recall after tests done by the US Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, found sildenafil in the supplement. Natures Supplement’s press release about the recall did not disclose what, if anything, prompted the agency to test the supplement.

Only 260 bottles of the tainted supplements are thought to have made it into customers’ hands and all the distributors and customers are reportedly in the state of Florida.

The company’s owner,¬†Ariolys Miranda, did not provide a photo or label scan of the recalled “Vegetable Vigra” but says that customers will recognize the green label, which reads, “Enhanced Vegetable Vigra”.

The concern with this recall is, of course, the undisclosed pharmaceutical drug. Men who know they should not take drugs like Viagra could turn to a “natural” product like Vegetable Vigra, not realizing that it contains a potentially dangerous medication. When taken by those who are also taking certain other medications, a sudden and potentially life-threatening drop in blood pressure could result.

If you’re a distributor, says the company, you should stop selling the product immediately.¬† If you purchased the product yourself you should stop taking it and return it to your place of purchase. ¬†Natures Supplement says it is notifying its distributors by mail. Customers who would like more information can call 561-281-7212.

Natures Supplements does not appear to have a website or a presence on any major social media networks. The telephone number appears to be a mobile phone number.


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