Fitness Gear Resistance Tubes Recalled

Yesterday, DICK’S Sporting Goods announced a recall covering several models of its Fitness Gear brand resistance tubes exercise product over fears that the latex tubes could break during use, potentially injuring the user.

So far, the company says that it has received 12 reports of tubes breaking. There was no mention of how serious the resulting injuries were but at least 2 consumers reported being hit when the tubes snapped back after breaking. An one person experienced a fall when his or her tube broke.

After a dozen reports of breakage, DICK'S recalls  Fitness Gear resistance tubes used as upper and lower body workout equipment.

Photo of recalled Fitness Gear resistance tubes from DICK’S Sporting Goods courtesy of the company.

The recalled fitness equipment was on the market, says DICK’S, as recently as last month. New, the items cost between $15 and $80 and were sold in stores and online.  More than 207,000 units are thought to have made it into consumers’ hands.

The affected model numbers are:

  • STA00560
  • STA00561
  • STA00562
  • STA00563
  • STA00564
  • STA00565
  • STA00566
  • STA00567
  • STA00568

If you find one (or more) of the recalled items in your home you are, of course, urged not to use them. Instead, return them to your nearest DICK’S. If you have your sales receipt, you’ll be offered a cash refund; if you no longer have your receipt, you’ll be given a store credit.

The recalled resistance bands were made in China.


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