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Pride & Joy Now Says It Will Recall

After initially claiming they would not recall (to avoid a repeat of the customer “desperation” “scenario” they experienced with their previous recall) Allen and Cheryl Voortman now say that their dairy, Pride & Joy, has, in fact, contacted all stores carrying their raw milk and instructed them to pull it from store shelves.

The official press release, if one is even planned, does not yet appear on Pride & Joy’s website. Rather, the decision to recall was announced on the company’s official Facebook page:

Pride & Joy pulls raw milk from a production run that tested positive for Salmonella.

After initially refusing to recall raw milk that WSDA inspectors say could be tainted with Salmonella bacteria, Pride & Joy now says it will, in fact pull the product from store shelves. Screengrab taken 1:00 pm CST from Pride and Joy Creamery Facebook page.

The company offered no details on why the dairy’s owners suddenly decided to recall after issuing such an adamant statement yesterday against a recall.

The Backstory Of The Pride & Joy Raw Milk Recall

Yesterday, the Washington State Department of Agriculture, or WSDA, issued a consumer advisory, urging people not to consume raw milk from Pride & Joy. A routine test, the agency said, came back positive for Salmonella.

Pride & Joy’s owners shot back, saying they had “been targeted again” and refused to recall. Company spokesperson Cheryl Voortman pointed out in a company press release that even though the milk had already sat on store shelves for days (and much of it had undoubtedly been sold and consumed already) there had been no reports of anyone being sickened. Voortman seemed to dispute the accuracy of the test and questioned the chain of custody during sampling.

So far, WSDA has not commented publicly on the newly announced recall or addressed the dairy’s questions about the positive Salmonella finding.


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