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Tainted Rhino 7, Papa Zen, Fifty Shades, Grande X Recalled

“Adult” product company Gear Isle has announced a recall of four illegally spiked “male enhancement” supplements after tests performed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration found sildenafil in them. In a press release about the recall, Gear Isle recalled:

  • Rhino 7 Platinum 5000  with UPC 6 17135 86122 4 and lot code R7-D5K1011H
  • Papa Zen 3300 with UPC 7 18122 03258 7  and lot code NSS050888
  • Fifty Shades 6000 with UPC 4 026666 146056 (All lot codes are affected.)
  • Grande X 5800 with UPC 6 40793 55544 0 (All lot codes are affected.)

The products do not seem to be offered currently at the website and the company has not posted a recall notice that I could find there or on any of its social media accounts.

It is not known what, if anything, encouraged the FDA to take a closer look at these particular supplements. Gear Isle says it has not logged any reports of anyone actually being injured by the hidden sildenafil but disclosed that the FDA has received multiple consumer complaints. (The exact number of reports and the extent of the users’ alleged illnesses was not disclosed.)

The supplements were sold online and shipped nationwide. The company says that it is notifying customers and arranging returns. Customers will be offered refunds.

If you have any of this on hand you’re urged to stop using it and return it to this address: PO Box 1156, Newark, CA 94560.

At least 3 of the supplements claim to have been manufactured in the US.

The affected lot number is R7-D5K1011H.

Rhino 7 Platinum 5000 is recalled for secret, undisclosed, drug spiking.

Unlabel sildenafil prompts a recall of Fifty Shades 6000.

Image of Fifty Shades “male enhancement” supplement is courtesy of Gadget Island, DBA Gear Isle.

Papa Zen with lot code NSS050888 is recalled for illegal medical spiking.

Papa Zen may claim to be “natural” but the decidedly not-natural prescription drug found in it forced a recall.

Tainted Grande X was marketed for male sexual enhancement.

The entire production run of Grande X 5800 is covered in this recall.


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