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Playtex Recalls Children’s Plates, Bowls

Playtex is recalling around 5.6 million plastic plates and bowls over fears that a piece of clear protective plastic could bubble and peel, posing a choking risk for children.

The recalled items are BPA-free polypropylene plates and bowls with colorful designs in the center, a colored rim and a non-slip bottom. They are white with various images and were sold as individual items and in sets. Some sets included cups and cutlery, as shown here:

Image Courtesy CPSC.

Image of recalled Playtex Toddler Mealtime Set. CPSC and Health Canada say the items were also sold separately.

Child safety advocates in the U.S. say they have received no reports of any child being injured by bits of loose plastic but Health Canada says that at least 11 children in that country wound up with plastic in their mouths–and 4 of them reportedly choked as a result.

The plastic appears to be coming from a protective film that protects the design. In all, Playtex says it has logged 372 reports of the film failing.

There are believed to be around 1.9 million pieces of this dishware in use in Canada and about 3.6 million pieces in use in the U.S. The items were on the market in both countries as recently as October of 2017.

Recalled are:

  • Playtex DC Superfriends Bowls, 3 count with UPC 078300014409
  • Playtex DC Superfriends Plates, 2 count with UPC 078300014416
  • Playtex DC Superfriends Mealtime Set with UPC 078300014423
  • Playtex Bowls, 3 count with UPC 078300059110
  • Playtex Plates, 2 count with UPC 078300059134
  • Playtex Bowls, 6 count with UPC 078300007449
  • Playtex Plates, 4 count with UPC 078300007456
  • Playtex Toddler Mealtime Set with UPC 078300067375

If you find any of the recalled dishes in your home you should, of course, stop using them. Click the link in the first paragraph of this article for instructions on how to return your items to the company.

It is illegal in both the U.S. and Canada to resell any recalled consumer item.

All the recalled Playtex dishes were made in China.


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