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Drug Resistant Brucella Found In K-Bar Dairy Raw Milk

Did you know that K-Bar Dairy had been the focus of an official Health Advisory from the U.S. Centers for Disease last month? It flew below the radar for a lot of food safety advocates but back in September, CDC confirmed that multiple samples of K-Bar Dairy’s raw milk had tested positive for the RB51 strain of Brucella bacteria.

The tests were apparently ordered after someone who claimed to have consumed raw milk from the dairy was hospitalized with the bacterial infection brucellosis.

Texas health officials say the dairy is cooperating with the investigation and has contacted its customers to advise them to throw out any remaining raw milk. The state’s Department of State Health Services, which is working with CDC, has not issued any further public statement on the matter.

The strain found in the milk is resistant to both rifampin and penicillin. To fight it, say doctors, they start with a 3-week run of doxycycline and trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole. Lab workers who run tests on blood samples should be reminded to take precautions to protect themselves.

If you are among the estimated 800 or so people who consumed raw milk from K-Bar from June 1 to August 7, and have no symptoms, you are urged to disclose your milk consumption to your doctor and monitor yourself for fever and other symptoms of infection, like sweats, muscle aches, joint pain or headaches. The incubation period for brucellosis can be as long as 6 months.

Texas Department of State Health Services is investigating Brucella RB51 illnesses that may be connected to the purchase and consumption of raw milk from K-Bar Dairy in Paradise, Texas.

CDC’s Treatment Decision Tree on K-Bar Dairy’s raw milk and possible Brucella risk.


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