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Delaware Animal Services Raid Saves 31 Dogs, 1 Cat

Yesterday, Delaware Health and Social Services announced that Delaware Animal Services had raided a property near the community of Seaford, rescuing 31 dogs and a cat.

Working from a tip the agency received on Sunday, investigators visited the property and then requested a search warrant. Agents say that in addition to the 31 dogs that were rescued, another 43 were found already dead.

Of the rescued animals, 27 were determined by veterinarians to be “severely ill”. Only 1 of the animals had to be euthanized. The shelter that is now caring for the surviving animals says that all the animals suffer from “severe emaciation” and other medical issues stemming from severe neglect.

Most of the dogs were small breed dogs estimated to be from around 2 years old to about 10.

There were no details given on the condition of the cat that was rescued. Whether it was the animal euthanized is unknown.

The shelter that is caring for the dogs is accepting donations to help with medical costs for the surviving dogs. It will be “significant”, says the shelter. You can donate here.

So far, neither Delaware Animal Services nor Brandywine Valley SPCA have named the property owner. Investigators say criminal charges are expected.

EDITOR’S NOTE: In the interest of not traumatizing our readers, we made the choice NOT to use photos from the scene of the Seaford raid. The photo used with this article is a stock photo and is not intended to represent the actual conditions observed at the home.


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