FDA Warning Letters

Years to Your Health Warned For Health Hyperbole

Lonnie Redd and her membership-only company, Years To Your Health, have been officially warned by the Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, for dozens of products the agency says go too far with their medical claims.

Years To Your Health is based in Irving, Texas, where naturopathic medicine is currently legal–provided the person is an actual physician and not a “diploma mill” graduate. Redd, as far as I can tell, has no formal medical education at all. In an undated profile on 30BananasADay.com, Lonnie Redd describes herself as, “I study Herbs a lot and listen to Lectures from Gaia Herb Symposiums.”

Years To Your Health’s “Unapproved New and Misbranded Drugs” Claims

Redd was warned for numerous claims made on her website. Some of those include:

  • “A healthy lymphatic system plays a major role in helping the body defend itself against various infections. Black Walnut Hulls, Cayenne, Echinacea Angustifolia Root, Goldenseal Root, and Nettle Leaf assist in fighting infection . . .”
  • “Taken internally, this blend of herbs will absorb toxins from putrefied foods, treat bacteria in the stomach . . .”
  • “. . . good for bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma and emphysema.”
  • “. . .  can detoxify the body and aid in withdrawal from drug or substance dependence.”
  • “also aid in healing tendons and torn ligaments.”

The very name of some of Redd’s products also drew FDA’s ire. Calling a supplement, “Arthritis” or “Tumor”, for example, implies a medical benefit, says the agency.

Of course, says FDA, none of the products named in the warning letter have ever been proven safe or effective for any of the cited medical conditions. But even if they were, supplements like Redd’s Arthritis, Bone Rejuvenation, and Tumor products would still be troublesome enough to get her into hot water because they do not properly list their ingredients, serving sizes and other legally required information on their labels.

Finally, we also learn from the FDA’s warning letter to Years To Your Health that Redd refused to allow an FDA inspector into her facility back in January. (The reason Redd gave for the refusal was not mentioned in the letter.) The agency further alleges that Redd’s facility  registration with FDA expired at the end of 2014 and has not been renewed since.

Despite a lengthy list of alleged violations, Lonnie Redd and Years To Your Health were given 15 working days to address the agency’s concerns. The letter was dated August 15, 2017; as of my visit to the company’s website this morning it appeared that Redd had stripped the site of the cited violating claims.

Lonnie Redd has not, as far as I can tell, issued any public statement about the matter on her website or through any of her social media accounts.

FDA warning letter to Lonnie Redd's Years To Your Health.

Lonnie Redd and her company Years To Your Health get an FDA warning letter for bogus claims.