Massage Therapist Qiting Duan Accused – Sexual Misconduct

Florida’s Department of Health announced yesterday that it had issued a temporary but emergency restriction for massage therapist Qiting Duan after multiple clients accused Duan of sexual misconduct they allege occurred during massage sessions earlier this year at Body & Sole in Jacksonville, Florida.

The patients are being referred to only by initials but all of the women tell a similar story. Patient HV claims that in February Duan removed her underwear and applied gel to her labia and clitoris. He then, she claims, put his hand inside her.

Another client, referred to only as DA, alleges that her appointment was supposed to be for a couples massage but she and her fiancé were put into separate rooms. During the course of her massage Duan allegedly touched her labia (through her underwear) and then attempted to remove her underwear.

Client CC alleges that during her session, which also took place in February, Duan touched her vagina and offered to “licky”. (Unlike the previous clients, CC did not come forward immediately; she did so only after learning that Qiting Duan had been arrested.)

Another patient who waited to call the police was a woman identified as DD. She alleges that Duan put his hand inside her underwear during a massage that took place in late February or early March.

These allegation suggest that Qiting Duan “willfully abused his position as a massage therapist” to sexually violate multiple women, says the Department of Health, and proves that Duan “lacks the good moral character” and judgement to work in the massage field.  and poses.

The investigating law enforcement agency is Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office


Photo by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash

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