Naloxone Now Sold OTC In Delaware

Info on opoid addiction from DHSS in Delaware.

Prescription opioid information from Delaware Health and Social Services, where you can get naloxone over the counter.

Delaware’s Division of Public Health announced last week that the opioid overdose-reversal medication naloxone was now for sale, without a prescription, at all 20 of the state’s CVS stores.

In the Department’s press release, Governor John Carney said this: “By making naloxone available to the public without a prescription, CVS Health has taken an important step in helping us combat the opioid epidemic here in Delaware.” He continued, “Naloxone can give people a second chance to get medical care and be connected to resources to treat their addiction. We greatly appreciate their partnership.”

Under Senate Bill 48, pharmacists are now entitled to the same legal protections as doctors and police officers and can sell the medication to any customer who goes through a brief training program and signs a special form.

Like many US states, Delaware is in the midst of an opioid overdose crises with 308 confirmed overdose  deaths last year. So far this year, say the folks who track overdoses, nearly 200 people have died from opioid overdose this year. Another 1300 or so overdosed but were saved when someone (usually a first responder) administered naloxone.

If you live in Delaware and would like more information about the new law or how to effectively administer naloxone, go to HelpisHereDE.

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