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HelloLife’s Diamaxol Caught Short On Nutrients

The US Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, has made public its official warning letter to Michigan-based Hello Life, Inc., concerning alleged discrepancies between what the product says it delivers and what tests say the supplement actually contains.

From the letter, which was sent back in August but is only being made public now, we learn that Hello Life’s Kentwood facility hosted an FDA inspector for 4 days back in March. During that visit the agent collected samples of the company’s Diamaxol supplement and its packaging. Tests performed by FDA reportedly turned up significant differences between what Diamaxol’s label promises and what the capsules inside actually contain.

The agency alleges Diamaxol only delivered:

  • 62% of the promised magnesium
  • 26% of the promised manganese
  • 52% of the promised zinc

These discrepancies make the product “misbranded”, says the letter. Hello Life was, of course, given the normal 15 working days to respond.

As of my most recent visit to, Diamaxol is still unavailable for sale. If the company has publicly commented on the FDA’s findings, I can’t find it.