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Recall – Scammy Bull & Chao Jimengnan Supplements Tainted With Drug

The company behind the “male enhancement” supplements Bull and Chao Jimengnan has announced a recall due to a hidden, and potentially dangerous, pharmaceutical.

In its press release Nutra Labs Inc., announced that it was recalling:

  • Bull 1800 mg Capsules with the date code 05/08/2016
  • Chao Jimengnan 150 mg Tablets with Lot # 20151018

The company acknowledges that tests done by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, found both products spiked with sildenafil. Sildenafil is, of course, the active ingredient in the erectile dysfunction medication Viagra.

The company did not disclose what, if anything, prompted FDA to test the supplements or exactly when the tests happened. It did stress that neither Bull nor Chao Jimengnan have been blamed for any injuries or illnesses to users.

As is always the case with sildenafil-spiked junk like this, the primary concern is that the pills could pose a danger to users, especially if the consumer is also taking certain prescription drugs. The interaction could cause a sudden, significant drop in blood pressure. In some cases, that drop may be life threatening.

In this case, each tablet of Chao Jimengnan was spiked with more than 70 milligrams of the drug. That’s 50% higher than the standard dose would give a man but still below the absolute maximum dosage allowed, which is currently capped at 100 mg per day.

Nutra Labs says that the products were shipped nationwide through internet sales. The company also says it is notifying those customers by e-mail and is arranging for the products’ return. If you have any pills left of either supplement you should, says the company, stop using them. You can return your remaining supply to:

  • PO Box 571, Ellenton FL 34222

Mark your envelop “ATTN: RETURNED GOODS”. You will be given a refund.

Bull 1800 mg Capsules with the production date of 05/08/2016 are recalled.

Photo of recalled Bull “male enhancement” provided by the company.

Chao Jimengnan 150 mg Tablets with Lot # 20151018

Photo of recalled Chao Jimengnan provided by the company.