Osteopath Kent Walker Charged With “Unprofessional Conduct”

Washington State Department of Health, or WSDH, has announced that it is charging Kent R. Walker with unprofessional conduct following an investigation that resulted in Walker being accused of what the Oregon Medical Board characterized as “unprofessional or dishonorable conduct, gross or repeated acts of negligence, willful violation of any rule adopted by the Board, and prescribing controlled substances without a legitimate medical purpose or without following accepted procedures for examination of patients or for record keeping.”

WSDH followed Walker’s case in Oregon because he is licensed as a healthcare provider in both states.

There isn’t a lot of information about Walker’s Oregon investigation beyond the fact that Walker was fined $5,000, subjected to random audits of his records and placed under (unspecified) restrictions regarding his ability to prescribe certain medications. The Board’s official order from that case has since been removed from the Oregon Medical Board online database.

The official Statement of Charges against him in Washington reveals that Walker’s alleged misconduct involved his treatment of 5 patients. No information about those patients was given.

Walker has been a licensed osteopathic physician in Washington since 1997.

Sanctions against him are expected to be levied by WSDH at a future date. As of this morning, Walker is still listed as having an active Washington license with an enforcement action showing as “pending”.

Osteopathy is an “alternative” medical system that focuses on manual manipulation of the body. It is somewhat similar to chiropractic medicine. In the U.S., osteopathic physicians are fully licensed physicians with all the same privileges that are extended to mainstream medical doctors.


Photo by Martha Dominguez on Unsplash