Nebraska Places Growing Hearts Daycare On Probation – Worker With “Criminal History” Found

Nebraska’s Department of Health and Human Services has released its list of the negative and disciplinary actions it took against child care providers in January.

Among those with an especially long list of alleged violations is Growing Hearts Daycare, which is owned by Parkview Christian School in Lincoln. Last summer, daycare director Teri Hromek was informed that the licensure unit of the state’s Department of Health and Human Services had received a complaint that staff members at Growing Hearts emotionally and physically abused the daycare’s children.

An inspection was done in May. The inspectors did not prove that any abuse was going on but did report finding violations related to how the children were being supervised.

A month later the daycare was inspected again. This time, the visit was a normal, but unannounced, semi-annual inspection. The child care inspection specialist who made that visit reported numerous violations, many related to recordkeeping and teacher qualifications.

The daycare’s license was placed under what the agency refers to as Corrective Action Status, to remain active until February 2018.

Another inspection was made in October. At that time violations involving staff records were noted. Most concerning was the employment of a staff member who should never have been hired in the first place due to a criminal conviction.

The daycare was ultimately fined more than $300 and placed on probation. Growing Hearts will operate on probationary status until January 24, 2019.

After inspectors at Growing Hearts Daycare found a convicted criminal on staff, the facility was fined and its license subjected to probationary status.

Growing Hearts Daycare will operate on a probationary status for all of 2018, due to multiple, repeated violations.