Salmonella Prompts Multiple Dog Food Recalls

Three companies have announced recalls of pet food products in recent days. So far, Smokehouse Pet Products, Raws For Paws and Redbarn Pet Products have all pulled products from store shelves.

Smokehouse Pet Products

In a press release dated last Thursday, Smokehouse Pet Products said it was recalling 4-ounce bags of its Beefy Munchies treat product. Affected packages bear these codes:

  • UPC 78565857957
  • Lot 449294
  • Best Used by Date 10/25/19

No actual pet or human illnesses have been reported. Smokehouse Pet Products says the possible Salmonella contamination was found during routine testing performed by Colorado Department of Agriculture.

These treats were available in various retail stores after being sent to distributors in Washington, Michigan, North Carolina and Colorado.

Smokehouse Pet Products Recalls “Beefy Munchies”

Image of recalled Beefy Munchies provided by Smokehouse Pet Products, Inc.

Redbarn Pet Products

Colorado Department of Agriculture also  turned up possible Salmonella in Redbarn Pet Products’ 7-Inch Bully Sticks pet treat. Covered by this recall are 2.4-ounce bags with these codes:

  • Expiration date 112120ABC
  • UPC 7 85184 25105 8

In its press release, Redbarn says that follow-up testing, including testing done by a third-party lab, has found no bacterial contamination. No customers have reported pet or human illnesses so far.

Redbarn Pet Products Issues Voluntary Recall of Dog Chews

Image of recalled Bully Sticks dog treat was provided by Redbarn Pet Products.

Raws For Paws

Also recalling is Raws For Paws. In its press announcement, Raws For Paws put its total at around 4,000 pounds of Ground Turkey Pet Food. This potential Salmonella contamination was found by Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

Unfortunately, Raws For Paws says it has logged 2 reports of illnesses. (The company did not say whether either, or both, possible illnesses were in pets or humans but FDA has issued a statement saying that 2 children appear to have become ill after pets in the home were fed the food.)

This food was sold in 1-pound and 5-pound chubs. The following case codes are impacted:

  • 9900008
  • 9900009
  • 9900014
  • 9900015
Raws For Paws Recalls Turkey Pet Food Because of Possible Salmonella.

Image of recalled Ground Turkey Pet Food provided by Raws For Paws.

What To Do If You Have Any Recalled Pet Foods

If you find any recalled pet foods or pet treats in your home you are, of course, urged to discontinue your use of it immediately.

Pets can become infected by consuming bacteria-tainted food. Family members can become infected through contact with the food or contact with infected pets.

There has been no word on whether any of the recalling companies share a common supplier. Nor has there been any speculation on whether other pet food companies will also recall.