Why Does Darwin’s Natural Pet Products Refuse To Issue Public Recall Notice?

The company behind the Darwin’s brand of pet foods has a long, and as of this month, still growing, recent history of complaints alleging that its foods are sickening (and even killing) pets with bacterial contamination. Yet even with multiple recalls taking place in the past year and a half or so, the company has refused to notify the public of its most recent one, issued just last week.

Why won't Darwin's Natural Pet Products publicly announce its latest recall?

Screenshot of Darwin’s Natural Pet Products website taken February 15, 2018 by Lisa Barger and used under U.S. copyright law doctrine of fair use.

Tuesday the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, made its own formal announcement about the matter. The agency released a full list of all the pets foods Darwin’s parent company, Arrow Reliance, has recalled since October 2016 and urged pet parents not to feed any of the recalled foods to any pet.

The full list of recalled Arrow Reliance/Darwin’s Natural pet food products includes:

  • Darwin’s Natural Selections Duck with Organic Vegetables Meals for dogs – Lot #40487, manufacture date 9/29/17
  • Darwin’s Natural Selections Chicken with Organic Vegetables Meals for Dogs – Lot #40727, manufacture date 9/26/17
  • Darwin’s Natural Selections Turkey with Organic Vegetables Meals for Dogs, – Lot #39937, manufacture date 8/24/17 and Lot #40507, manufacture date 9/20/17
  • Darwin’s Natural Selections Frozen Duck Meals for Cats – Lot #38277, manufacture date 6/1/17
  • Darwin’s Natural Selections Frozen Raw Beef with Organic Vegetables Meals for Dogs – Lot #3146070, manufacture date 7/21/16
  • Darwin’s Natural Selections Frozen Raw Turkey with Organic Vegetables Meals for Dogs – Lot #3142070, manufacture date 7/20/16
  • ZooLogics Frozen Raw Turkey with Vegetable Meals for Dogs – Lot #3155070, manufacture date 7/25/16

These pet foods come in flexible film packages; the codes to look for should be printed directly onto that film.

Three of these recalls were prompted by concerns of Listeria contamination while another three were prompted by fears of Salmonella. The chicken variety (the second on the above list) was recalled for both Salmonella and Listeria.

FDA also says that it knows of reports of at least 3 animals being injured by bone shards in the food.

And, of course, there is a danger to people, as well. Infected pets–even if they aren’t showing signs or symptoms of Salmonella infection themselves–can sicken humans. Young children, pregnant women, elderly people and anyone with a compromised or weakened immune system are especially vulnerable to salmonellosis and listeriosis, say health experts.

What FDA Recommends Darwin’s and ZooLogics Customers Do

If you have any of the recalled Darwin’s or ZooLogics food you should throw it out. And then you are advised to clean your refrigerator and clean and disinfect all your pets’ bowls, toys and anything else your pets have had contact with. The agency even recommends disinfecting your floor and removing any feces left in your lawn.

Finally, if you suspect your pet or anyone in your home has been sickened by the recalled pet foods, you are urged to seek medical care at once.