A Subscription Toothbrush?

Subscription services send gourmet food, makeup, pet supplies and even lingerie into our homes these days. But would you really subscribe to a toothbrush program? The dentist behind the company Dentii hopes you will.

Dentii wants you to use a fresh toothbrush head every day for around $20 US.

Its creators call Dentii “the world’s most advanced and hygienic toothbrush”. Will folks actually buy into a toothbrush head subscription?

Dentii was founded by London-based dentist Sunny Sihra, who says in the company’s press release announcing Dentii, “As a dentist, it concerns me that while the rest of the world has moved on with technology, transforming almost every area of health and fitness, the oral healthcare market has hardly changed. Even my own patients are using products designed decades ago.”

So how innovative is this new toothbrush? Dr. Sihra and his product designer say that Dentii, which connects to your smart device, will map your mouth, collect data on your unique brushing style and, when it senses a problem, can even share that data with your dentist and give you feedback on improving your oral hygiene routine.

The system is also more hygienic, says Sihra, because the toothbrush’s replaceable heads are single-use. Standard toothbrushes, say Dr. Sihra, can host dozens of different types of bacteria. (The America Dental Association, by contrast, advises patients to simply rinse their toothbrushes and store them in the open so they can dry completely between uses, forcing any bacteria to “die off”.)

Dentii is being crowdfunded through Kickstarter; as of my last check, Dr. Sihra was just shy of $14,000 raised with 38 backers. The goal is $55,630 and has 43 days left.

The monthly subscription, which will deliver new heads, mouthwash and toothpaste, will run as low as £15 and will be available to ship worldwide.


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