Maiden’s Creamery Recalls Raw Cheese After Confirmed Listeria Test

The Maiden’s Creamery Wild Meadow Raw Goat Milk Cheese has been recalled, the company announced last week, after routine sampling turned up Listeria. New York health officials have issued a consumer alert, urging anyone with any of the cheese still on hand to avoid consuming it.

To date, no one has reported becoming ill from the cheese.

The Maiden’s Creamery packages its Wild Meadow Raw Goat Milk Cheese in various sizes but all of the recalled packages should bear the following code:

  • Lot #101
How to find the code for recalled The Maien's Creamery raw goat milk cheese.

Photo of recalled raw goat milk cheese, with affected code, Lot #101, clearly visible.

Creamery owner Mark Harvey announced the recall shortly after the consumer alert for New York State Agriculture was released. Harvey says that all cheese production is stopped at the creamery until the source of the contamination can be found.