FDA Continues Its Pursuit Of Illegal E-Cig Sales To Kids

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, is continuing its crackdown on web-based sellers of e-cigarettes, and other tobacco-related products, who sell those items to kids. Recently, the agency released another batch of formal warning letters sent to e-cig sellers allegedly caught selling to kids online.

Accused in March and April are:

  • Kassim Al-Derzi and The Sub Ohm Syndicate (
  • YaJing Yang (
  • Nevin Dowling and Oglesby & Butler Limited d/b/a Iolite (
  • David Tomes and Jam Vapes (
  • Ahsan Qadir and Atom Vapes LLC/Atom Vapes USA, LLC (
  • Lynsey Green and Quit Easy Ltd (
  • David Taylor (
  • Victoria Vasconcellos and Cignot Inc. (
  • Chris Hill and Reedhill Ventures LLC d/b/a Vape On Liquids (

Each website owner has 15 working days to provide the agency with a plan that will prevent sales to minors, and other violations of FDA regs, in the future.


Photo by Davide Sibilio on Unsplash