Wild & Wolf’s Petit Collage Musical Jumbo Wooden Xylophone Toys Recalled

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, or CPSC, along with Health Canada, has announced a recall of toy xylophones made in China and distributed by Wild & Wolf. The toys, say child safety experts, pose a potential choking risk because the balls at the ends of the beater sticks can detach.

Petit Collage toy musical instrumentin its box.

A company-provided photo of the recalled Petit Collage toy xylophone in and out of its packaging.

Wild & Wolf says it has logged one report of a ball loosening and another of a ball coming completely off its handle. There have been no injuries and no reports of any children swallowing or choking on them.

If you think you might have one of these, you’ll need to turn yours over, the company says, and look for this code:

  • TT.1902.0617
How to see if your Petit Collage xylophone is recalled.

In this CPSC-provided photo you can see an example of where to find your toy’s production code.

Only xylophones bearing this exact code are recalled, says Wild & Wolf. But if you do find that your toy is covered in this recall, you should remove the beater sticks immediately. Then, when you contact Petit Collage or Wild & Wolf, you’ll be sent a free replacement beater.

All retailers offering the toy xylophones have already been notified, says the company. The toys were on store shelves as recently as January. Around 2900 were sold in the U.S.; about 240 were sold in Canada.

All the recalled toys were made in China.