NxtGen Botanicals Recalls Maeng Da Kratom – Blamed For Salmonella Illness

NGB has announced a recall of its NxtGen Botanicals brand Maeng Da Kratom supplement over fears that the product is contaminated with Salmonella bacteria.

Kratom from NxtGen Botanicals is recalled after a report of Salmonella poisoning.

A positive test and a report to FDA of a possible case of salmonellosis prompts a recall of NxtGen Botanicals’ Maeng Da Kratom supplement.

In its press release about the recall, NxtGen says the recall was prompted by a positive Salmonella test done by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, or FDA. And that test appears to have been undertaken after FDA received a report of a possible case of salmonellosis being blamed on the kratom supplement.

All the recalled Maeng Da Kratom bears this production code:

  • #171409

It comes in 500-milligram capsules packaged in plastic bottles. The product was distributed to retailers in several states. The total number of bottles sold is estimated at  1,108 .

NGB says it knows who the supplier of the tainted kratom is and has stopped production. If you have any of this on hand you are advised not to use it.