Naturopath Rick Marschall Permanently Banned After Defying Multiple No-Practice Orders, Drug Conviction

Washington State Department of Health announced yesterday that it had successfully sought a court order permanently barring naturopathic physician Richard Marschall from practicing in the state.

Marschall, who was at one time fully licensed as a naturopathic physician, lost his license in 2013 after a Federal Court convicted him on charges involving the sale of “misbranded” drugs. He applied for reinstatement but was denied.

Marshall allegedly continued to practice and refused to stop even after agreeing to a cease and desist order in 2015.

Rick Marshcall was denied reinstatement as a naturopath in 2015.

The 2015 decision declining Rick Marschall’s reinstatement request and finding that he had, in fact, been practicing as a naturopath, even though his license was suspended.

Marschall was once again charged with peddling “misbranded” drugs and, in 2017, pleaded guilty to supplying human chorionic gonadotropin, or HCG, for an unapproved medical condition. In court, he admitted to prescribing the drug to dozens of people, some of whom he never actually met in person, and without informing them that he was working on a suspended license.

He served a 60-day sentence as a result of that conviction.

Richard Marschall's 2017 Federal Court Plea Agreement from 2017.

Court papers reveal that it was human chorionic gonadotropin , or HCG, that got Rick Marschall in hot water for a second time.

Marschall, who was originally licensed back in 1986, does not appear to have commented publicly on the court order. On his website he claims he “let go of” his license.