illy Recalls Whole Bean Coffee For Injury Potential

The Consumer Product Safety commission, or CPSC, has announced that coffee company illy is recalling some of its Whole Bean Coffee because of a potential injury risk. The problem, says the agency, is that cans without air vents on the bottom can develop so much pressure that when a user tries to remove the lid, it can come off  “suddenly with force” and injure the consumer.

The press release about the recall did not say whether the cans were mistakenly manufactured without vent holes, or if they were just never intended to have them at all. But we do know that neither the company nor CPSC has logged any reports of any actual injuries.

Covered in this recall are 250 gram (8.8 ounce) cans. The exact products being recalled are:

  • Whole Bean Medium Roast with best-by dates 10/2019, 11/2019, or 12/2019
  •  Whole Bean Dark Roast with best-by dates 10/2019 or 11/2019
  • Whole Bean Decaf with best-by date 10/2019

You can find your coffee’s best-by code by turning the can over and looking for a date printed on the bottom.

Bottom of an illy coffee can.

In this CPSC-provided photo, you can see an example of the date code placement and the difference between cans with vents and cans without.

If you find a can that is affected by this recall you should not attempt to open it, says CPSC. Instead, contact illy for a replacement container. Illy’s toll-free number is 855-282-4682.

Stores known to have carried the coffee include Bed Bath & Beyond, Kroger, Shoprite, Sur La Table, Target, Whole Foods, Williams Sonoma, and