FDA Warning Letters

Baker’s Best Health Products Warned For Claims

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, didn’t say what, if anything, encouraged it to take a closer look at Baker’s Best Health Products but we know from the agency’s formal warning letter to company president Jeffery Baker and vice-president Kim Gasior that a closer look is just what it got.

From the FDA’s letter, which was only recently made public, we learn that inspectors spent several days in mid-December at the company’s facility in Wixom, Michigan. While there, they collected samples of labels and marketing materials. Agents also spent some time at the company’s website, BakersBestHealth.com.

The way Baker and Gasior were marketing 4 products in particular drew the agency’s ire. Those products were:

  • Colon Formula
  • Eterni-D
  • Triple Action Joint Formula
  • Apple Cider Vinegar+
Baker's Best Colon Formula page witih now-removed claim.

Archived screenshot of Baker’s Best website showing the gas, bloating, constipation and diarrhea claim FDA specifically called out in its warning letter.

As far as “significant violations”, as FDA puts it, go, the claims Baker’s Best were making are pretty tame. They’re certainly nothing we haven’t already seen a dozen times before. Even the company’s use of a “ginseng” that isn’t technically a true ginseng hardly deserves to be lumped in with the outrageous violations and promises of near miracles we’ve seen from other, similar herbal companies.

Baker’s Best Health Products, Jeffery Baker and Kim Gasior were given the normal 15 working days to respond.