Isabel Gervais Gets 75 Months


2017 photo of “naturopath” Isabell Gervais from Shelby County Sheriff’s Office

Just over a year ago we brought you the story of Isabel Gervais, who stood accused of defrauding some very ill people, including cancer patients, with her ridiculous claims of treating them with “naturopathic” medicine. Gervais used multiple aliases in at least 4 states to further her lies.

But on Tuesday, some of Gervais’ victims saw at least a little bit of justice served when U.S. District Judge Madeline Hughes Haikala sentenced Gervais to 75 months in federal prison for one count of wire fraud affecting a financial institution, one count of aggravated identity theft and one count of making false statements. Prosecutors claimed she stole one patient’s identity to charge the patient’s credit card without consent and used another patient’s identity to set up a post office box.

In addition to serving 6 years in prison, Gervais will forfeit more than $100,000 deemed to be proceeds of her illegal actions. She pleaded guilty to the charges back in July of 2017.

Isabel Gervais also “practiced” under the aliases Rose Starr and Debra Lynn Goodman. Clinics she is known to have operated under those names (and others) include:

  • Euro Med Klinic in Hoover, Alabama
  • Sagewood Medical Clinic in Montgomery, Alabama
  • Sagewood Medical Clinic in Springdale, Arkansas
  • Chiron Clinic in Marietta, Georgia
  • DRI Enterprises in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Ascension Medical Health in Arkansas (various locations)
  • AMHC in Leawood, Kansas

At no point, say prosecutors, has Gervais ever been a licensed physician in any state. Nor did she possess the equipment needed to run some of the medical tests she claimed to be running for patients.

And although she has faced legal repercussions before–sometimes abandoning her rental properties and assuming new aliases in the process–this is the first time Isabel Gervais has faced serious prison time.


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