Chiropractor Jeffery Sullivan – “Unprofessional” Conduct

Washington State Department of Health has announced that its Chiropractic Commission has charged chiropractor Jeffery Allen Sullivan with unprofessional conduct. Sullivan, alleges the agency, refused to comply with a requirement to keep adequate patient records and ignored a condition of a previously imposed probationary requirement to have a female assistant present while he treated a female patient.

In the Commission’s formal Statement of Charges against Jeff Sullivan, investigators say that during a compliance audit, which was related to a previously imposed probation issue, they pulled some patient records of six female patients and found multiple violations related to how Sullivan documented his services.

Officials also allege that in one case, Sullivan recruited a woman identified only as Patient G through social media. When Patient G showed up for the appointment she allegedly found the chiropractic clinic closed and deserted except for Sullivan. The patient was treated by Sullivan, who then reportedly filed no paperwork at all about the visit. Additionally, there was no female assistant with them in the treatment room.

This is by no means Sullivan’s first trouble in regard to how he interacts with women. In 2008 he pled guilty in Benton County Superior Court to a charge of Communication with A Minor For Immoral Purposes in a case involving a pre-teen female. The Commission found at the time that while kissing a 12-year-old is–in its words–“inappropriate and a boundary violation”, it did not constitute sexual abuse. And because the child had not yet become an actual patient, it also did not constitute an abuse of power.

Jeffery Sullivan’s chiropractic license (CH00002853) expired in August and is listed as “Expired” on the Agency’s website as of this morning.

Jeffery Sullivan is accused of unprofessional conduct after treating a female patient without an assistant present.

The formal Statement Of Charges against chiropractor Jeffery Sullivan, from Washington’s Chiropractic Quality Assurance Commission.


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