Sonic-Fusion Flossing Toothbrush Recalled

Water Pik, Inc. has announced a recall of two models of its Sonic-FusionĀ® Flossing Toothbrush because, says the company, it has received multiple reports of the base, which acts as a charger for the toothbrush, overheating and partially melting.

That, said the company in its recall notice, could expose users to burns or electric shocks.

Water Pik's Sonic-Fusion SF-01 toothbrush is recalled.

Image of recalled Sonic-Fusion model SF-01 provided by the company.

The exact products being recalled are:

  • Sonic-Fusion, model SF-01, with production codes running from SF01 17 06 01 through SF01 18 06 28
  • Sonic-Fusion, model SF-02, with production codes running from SF02 17 06 01 through SF01 18 06 28
Water Pik's Sonic-Fusion SF-02 toothbrush is recalled for shock and burn hazards.

Image of recalled Sonic-Fusion SF-02 toothbrush provided by Water Pik.

Water Pik says that around 3800 of these could be in use in the U.S. and Canada. They were sold nationwide to the public and were distributed through trade shows and similar events.

Despite multiple reports of malfunctions, the company said Friday that it had still not received any reports of any user actually being injured.

If you think you might have a recalled model, unplug your unit and turn its base over to look at the bottom, as seen in this photo from Water Pik:

Your Sonic Fusion toothbrush bears a model number and code that will help you determine if yours is recalled.

How to find the production codes on your Sonic-Fusion electric toothbrush.

And if you do find that you have a recalled unit you are urged to stop using it, immediately unplug it, and return it. You’ll get complete instructions on how to do that by calling 1-800-674-7718 or by emailing