FDA Warning Letters

Linda Page’s Healthy Healing/Crystal Star Warned Again

Linda Page’s company, Healthy Healing, is back on the regulatory radar. Back in January Healthy Healing, which operates as Crystal Star, was part of a group of retailers the Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, called “unscrupulous vendors” the agency accused of “trying to capitalize on the opioid epidemic” by peddling unapproved withdrawal remedies.

FDA called the Healthy Healing’s Withdrawal Support supplement “misbranded” and labeled it a “new drug” in a formal warning letter to Linda Page. The Federal Trade Commission also chimed in, advising Page to review her “unsubstantiated” advertising claims.

Linda Page's Healthy Healing d/b/a Crystal Star had already been warned about bogus claims.

The January 11, 2018 jointly-issued warning letter from FDA and FTC to ‘Doctor’ Linda Page and Healthy Healing/Crystal Star

But this latest warning letter seems to be more of a general caution. In it Healthy Healing president¬†Anthony Torntore was warned about alleged violations found during a multi-day inspection of the distribution center in late March and early April of this year. While there, investigators say they collected a copy of the company’s catalog and some product packaging. At some point, they also visited the company’s website.

Ultimately, FDA called out two supplements for notable potential violations–Para Purge and Women’s Friend. Para Purge was warned for claims like “. . .¬†detoxifying the body of foreign organisms” while Woman’s Friend was cited for claims like “reduce swelling” and “normalize bleeding”.

Linda Page's Para Purge from Crystal Star is still being hawked with an FDA-cited claim.

Screenshot of Para Purge taken from HealthyHealing.com by Lisa Barger on August 23, 2018. The “foreign organisms” claim is clearly still there.

To date, it does not appear that Torntore, Page or anyone else associated with Healthy Healing/Crystal Star has publicly commented on the newest FDA warning.