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Dungeness Valley Creamery Disputes E. Coli Claim By Washington Health Officials

Late Friday, Washington State Department of Health once again reminded that state’s residents of the potential health dangers linked to the drinking of raw milk. The reminder appears to have been prompted by two cases of E. coli infection the agency says are linked to raw milk produced by Dungeness Valley Creamery.

Dungeness Valley Creamery raw milk blamed for E. coli infections.

Facebook post from Dungeness Valley Creamery acknowledging Washington State Department of Health’s claim that the dairy’s raw milk sickened two people.

In a Facebook post published later that evening, Dungeness Valley Creamery denied that E. coli had been found  in any samples collected at the dairy. The company characterized the agency’s public link to the dairy as “prematurely speculating” about the source of the victims’ illnesses.

Dungeness Valley Creamery does not dispute that two individuals were sickened with E. coli but is pushing back on the agency’s quickness to blame the dairy. In all, says the company, 21 samples covering several batches were sampled with no contamination found.

So far, Dungeness Valley Creamery has not issued a recall.




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