Naturopath Lucinda Messer Banned For Good After Ignoring Suspension Order

Washington State Department of Health, or WSDH, announced recently that the state’s Board of Naturopathy had permanently revoked the naturopathic physicians license of naturopath Lucinda Messer.

2018 Final Order Against Lucinda Messer.
Citing Lucinda Messer’s inability to be “rehabilitated” and her “potential for patient harm”, Washington State Department of Health permanently bars her from practice.

Back in 2016 the agency temporarily suspended Messer’s license after it found that she was treating cancer patients without consulting with medical doctors, as she was required to do. The agency also determined that she lied to (or misled) potential patients with her advertisements, used non-approved treatments on her patients and did not provide patients with information that would have allowed them to make informed choices about their own cancer care.

Naturopath Lucinda Messer's Final Order suspending her.
The 2016 Final Order temporarily suspending the naturopathic physician license of Lucinda Messer.

Last Friday, WSDH announced that Lucinda Messer’s license had been permanently revoked after an investigation allegedly turned up evidence that she had continued to practice despite the 2016 suspension.

Messer will be disciplined, says the agency, after it concludes a separate investigation into whether Messer is currently practicing without a license.

Screengrab of MyTime page for Lucinda Messer.
WSDH says Lucinda Messer may still be practicing, in defiance of a suspension. Her MyTime page was still up as of July 20, 2018. (MyTime is an appointment booking website.) 


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