Aromaflage vs FTC Is Finally Settled

The Federal Trade Commission, or FTC, announced recently that it has approved a final consent order closing its case against the company behind the Aromaflage brand of aromatherapy products and company owners Michael Fensterstock and Melissa Matarese Fensterstock.

FTC says Aromaflage's marketing was deceptive.

Screengrab of Aromaflage Wild with Zika and other “deceptive” claims shown.

The FTC accused the Fensterstocks of making what the agency characterized as “deceptive” pest-repellent claims about their perfumes and scented candles. It also accused Melissa Fensterstock of writing phony 5-star reviews of the perfumes at Amazon and encouraging some of her family members to do the same.

Aromaflage owner Melissa Fensterstock was accused of faking 5-star reviews.

Some of the Amazon reviews the FTC allege were written by Aromaflage owner Melissa Fensterstock and family members.

The perfumes sold for as much as $65 and were a blend of water, alcohol and volatile organic extracts. They were hawked as scientifically tested “fragrance with function” comparable to DEET-containing products but FTC says the bug repelling claims were not supported by research.


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