Fat Burners Zone’s Zero Xtreme Is Caught With Hidden Sibutramine

Fat Burners Zone announced yesterday that one lot of its Zero Xtreme weight loss product is being recalled due to contamination with the potentially deadly drug sibutramine.

A recall of Zero Xtreme after contamination is discovered.

Zero Xtreme has been caught once again hiding illegal, and dangerous, drugs.

Sibutramine, which you may remember from the days when it was sold under the brand name Meridia, was pulled from pharmacy shelves worldwide several years ago after it was linked to an increased risk of serious cardiac events like heart attack and stroke, especially in people with certain existing cardiac issues. It was a prescription-only appetite suppressant that has never been legal for over-the-counter sales in any product sold in the US.

In a press release about the recall, Fat Burners Zone acknowledges the contamination. The company did not say what, if anything, prompted the FDA to test the supplement in the first place. It did, however, insist that it has received no reports of any consumer using Zero Xtreme and becoming ill.

As you can see from the photo supplied by the company, the supplement is sold in gray aluminum bottles with gray aluminum caps. The lot number covered by this recall is:

#1220062085, with an expiration date code of 03/2020

The company says Zero Xtreme is sold from coast to coast and over the internet.

If you have any of the recall supplement left, the company advises you to return it to your place of purchase and then contact your doctor. And if you need more information you can contact Fat Burners Zone directly at (305) 741-2562.

Not Zero Xtreme’s First Recall

This is not the first time Zero Xtreme has been found with potentially dangerous hidden drugs stuffed into it. Back in 2015 the Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, issued a Medication Health Fraud advisory after sibutramine and desmethylsibutramine were both found in the product:

Scam weightloss supplement Zero Xtreme is once again caught with illegal drugs.

In 2015 FDA made Zero Xtreme the focus of a formal advisory and urged consumers not to use it.