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Salmonella Linked To English Cucumbers

Health officials in Washington State say they are working with local, state and federal experts to find the source of an apparent Salmonella outbreak. Right now, say experts with Washington State Department of Health, or WSDH, 6 cases of salmonellosis have been confirmed in 5 counties. All 6 cases involve the same serotype of the bacterium and at least 5 of them have been linked to the consumption of English cucumbers.

Salmonella blamed on English cucumbers

English cucumbers sold in Costco stores in Washington are being tentatively blamed for what appears to be a small Salmonella outbreak.

Those cases occurred in these counties :

  • King
  • Pierce
  • Snohomish
  • Thurston
  • Yakima (2 confirmed cases)

Should You Stop Eating Cucumbers?

Health officials are not currently making any recommendations involving cucumbers other than this one:  If you bought English cucumbers from a Costco store in Washington state between August 18th and September 10th–and still have them on hand–throw them out.

There is no one particular store or any one particular brand of English cucumbers being implicated here.

At this time, it does not appear that either the FDA or the CDC has issued advisories of their own. It is unclear if other states could be affected by this apparent outbreak.


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