Nebraska Advisory On Resistant Germs

Yesterday Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services issued a formal advisory, urging the state’s healthcare professionals to remain vigilant in the fight against treatment-resistant strains of bacteria and yeast.

Cases of Candida auris prompt health warnings.
Nebraska health officials warn about the spread of resistant germs, including Candida auris.

Bacteria that have developed resistance to multiple antibiotic drugs are still uncommon in the state, the agency says, but doctors are seeing more of them.  Of particular concern are bacteria in the Enterobacteriaceae family, especially those that produce carbapenemase enzymes. (These are the bacteria that could, say scientists, potentially develop resistance to all of our current antibiotics.)

Another pathogen of concern is the fungus Candida auris. Discovered in Japan in 2009, C. auris is fast becoming a pathogen of concern due to both its multi-drug resistance and its ability to cause fatal infections. It can also survive many normal hospital cleaning procedures.

Who’s At Risk?

As with any infection, certain people are more at risk than others. Known risk factors for these particular pathogens include:

  • Prolonged or recurrent courses of antibiotic therapy
  • Healthcare received outside of the United States
  • Prolonged stays in a healthcare facility

And for the new yeast, a past hospital stay in any of these countries should be considered:

  • Pakistan
  • Venezuela
  • United Arab Emirates
  • South Africa
  • India
  • Kuwait


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