Self-Esteem Recalls Girl’s Clothing – Lead

H.I.S., the company behind the Self-Esteem brand of kids’ clothing, has announced a recall of one style of garment because the jewelry item that comes with it tests high in lead.

A necklace included with this Self-Estem dress is toxic with lead.

H.I.S. announces a recall of girl’s clothing from its Self-Esteem brand for potentially dangerous lead.

In a press release announcing the recall, the company identifies the clothing as part of a set that includes a short-sleeve teal color top with cut-out shoulders, a blue legging with a teal floral print and a pendant necklace with an orange and teal center. It is the pendant, say safety advocates, that is the problem.

H.I.S. necklace tests high for lead.

Photo of lead-tainted pendant supplied by the company.

Around 5300 sets are believed to have been sold in the U.S. New, they cost about $14 and were offered in Burlington, Shopko, Meijer’s, and AAFES stores nationwide. Sets were on store shelves as recently as this month. They came in sizes 4x through 12x.

According to the company, each recalled set should have a white label sewn into it; on that label you should find these production codes:

  • Style number PO#71160/LOT9
  • Production date 10/2017

Obviously, if you find one of these in your child’s closet you are encouraged to remove the necklace immediately and return it to your place of purchase. You’ll be given a refund.

If you need more information you can call H.I.S. directly at 800-451-0285. Ask for extension 2879. The company has also posted a notice on its website.

These sets were all made in China.